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******* 07/01/2009  ***********
Enspire Group LLC. and Wuhan Humanwell Hi-Tech Ltd. agreed to invest in PuraCap Pharmaceutical LLC.  
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******* 02/16/2009  **********
Enspire Group LLC. and 3D Biotek LLC. signed exclusive collaboration agreement.  Enspire will help 3D Biotek to market its patented biomedical products in the global markets.

******* 11/12/2008  **********
Enspire Group agreed to collaborate with Actin BioMedical for its OTC product project........

******** 8/15/2008  ***********
Huahai Pharmaceutical Inc. announced to collaborate with Enspire Group LLC. in the CGMP Drug Manufacturing Project.  
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******** 4/10/2008 ************
Enspire Group and YaSheng Industrial Group signed business agreement in co-developing biomedical product........